Welcome To Eilat

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Israel's southern port and tourism city ● The following guide is an A-Z directory in four languages and includes all that our city offers its tourists and visitors ● We are proud to announce that 'Trip Advisor' has ranked Eilat in seventh place as one of the most popular and recommended target trip destinations for 2018, among a distinguished list of countries such as Hawaii, Brazil, Spain, etc ● Eilat offers you a warm and exciting vacation, with an atmosphere that suits everyone from relaxing on the beach and around the pool, high adrenaline activities and spectacular experiences of nature ● Eilat offers accommodation of all categories and prices, a variety of excellent restaurants offering international cuisine and of course, a non-stop shopping experience, the only city in Israel that is VAT free ● Do not miss the unique benefits coupons found in this booklet…
Welcome To Eilat




Eilat is the neighboring town of Taba controlled by Egypt, and Aqaba, controlled by Jordan. Its jurisdiction is 87,000 acres, and is the fourth largest city in the jurisdiction of Israel.  In terms of population density, Eilat is spacious and has only 4646 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Since 1985, Eilat has been classed as a "free trade zone", exempt from VAT (except for a list of products) and from other taxes.





According to accepted theory Eilat in named after the Canaanite goddess 'Asherah' who was nicknamed "Elat" meaning 'goddess'. Others believe that the name originally came from the word "Eyal" meaning antelope in Hebrew, a symbol of the region in ancient times. Archeological findings near Eilat, indicate that the region was controlled at various times by the Egyptians, Edomites, Nabataeans, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, Crusaders, Mamluks, Turks and the British, as the location of Eilat made it a key control point via sea and land area, leading to power and control struggles over the centuries. In the past the city was also named Um el Rash Rash (by the Turks), but during the establishment of the Jewish community at the northern end of the Red Sea, this city was most probably named Etzion-Gaver, whose remains were found and excavated between Aqaba in Jordan to today's Eilat, just 600 meters north of the gulf. According to the Bible, King David who conquered the nearby land of Edom, also took over Eilat; the son of King Solomon developed the copper mining in Timna and also led the fleet of ships that sailed out from Etzion Gaver. Eilat is even mentioned as one of the stops on the journey of the Israelites in the exodus of Egypt (Exodus chapters 13 & 14). According to the bible story, the Israelites, led by Moses, crossed the Red Sea, a double miracle that allowed the Israelites to safely cross to the other side, and Pharaoh's army to drown immediately as the "sea walls" merged. Some analysts believe that this actually happened in the Gulf of Suez, but in fact there is no archaeological evidence indicating the presence of Israelites in Egypt at all and therefore also not the Exodus event and the crossing of the Red Sea. Many researchers believe that the crossing of the Red Sea actually took place at one of the lakes located near the Mediterranean or the bitter lakes in Egypt; possibly by an ancient tribe of slaves who rebelled and were expelled from Egypt and later mixed with local Israelites.


In Modern times


On the 10th of March 1949, during the War of Independence, Um Rash Rash, on the shores of the Gulf of  the Red Sea was conquered, the flag of Israel,  made from a sheet and some ink,  was flown marking the end of the war.  From that era the place was primarily a military camp, until it was civilized by a community in 1952 and declared a city in 1959.




In summer the temperature can rise well over 45° C (113 Fahrenheit), winter temperatures drop to 15-25 ° C (59-77 Fahrenheit) which are considered great summer weather for the Europeans and the United States. August is the hottest month in Eilat, with an average temperature of 42.6°C (2011), however the annual average for years 1981 to 2000, show that the hottest month in those years was actually July with an average temperature of 39.9 ° C. The lowest temperatures are in January with an average of 12.9 ° C in 2011, while between the years 1981-2000 the average temperature in January was 9.6 ° C. These figures, show without a doubt, the rise in temperature in the region over the years and the decline in rainfall. In 2009 and 2010 the annual rainfall average was 24.6 mm. From 1971 to 2000 the average amount was 28.7 mm. In 2009-2010 four days of rain were recorded in Eilat from an average of 4.8 days of rain in the years 1971-2000. However winter 2012/13 was blessed with rain and by February crossed the 30 mm record, an amount that Eilat hadn't seen for decades. The humidity in Eilat ranges from 25% to 35% in summer, and from 50% to 55% in winter. The average humidity in 2010 was 34% (at 14:00), compared to 32% humidity that was recorded from 1981 to 2000.


Where does the name Red Sea come from?


In most languages and in Hebrew as well, the Gulf of Eilat – is otherwise known as the Red Sea. Some argue that the name was given due to the color of the red mountains that are reflected in the waters in the evening. Others say that the name comes from the carpets of fire coral that once covered huge areas of the reef and painted it fiery red before it disappeared almost completely, another theory is that the gulf was awarded its name due to the common bacteria in the Gulf that floats on the water and looks like a reddish brown sawdust


.Red Sea Statistics:


Type: a sea between two continents that continues to grow and, in the future, is expected to become an ocean.Belongs to: the Indian Ocean.

Area: 438,000 km. Maximum length: 2250 km.

Maximum width:  355 km.

Average depth: 490 m. Maximum depth: 2211 m. Volume: 233,000 to CMC.

Salinity: 4.2%. Water temperature: 20-26°C.

 Under water temperature: 21 ° C.





Eilat is a kingdom of attractions that offers a variety of sport and recreation activities for children and adults alike ● Here is our recommended list, of all the activities that this southern resort city offers vacationers, apart from sunny skies and great weather.


King Solomon Way Travel Company


Eilat travel company offers you all kinds of Israel tours. When you arrive in Eilat or Tel Aviv, you don’t need to think about where to stay, where to eat, what to see - “King Solomon Way” will take care of you by providing a very quality service, starting from trips to different cities of Israel (taxi, minivans, buses) and family vacations to organize group tours for companies, groups of friend, business tours, festivals and conferences.

You can find King Solomon Way on the website: www.kingsolomonway.com and even choose there your next tour over Israel with your friends or family.

Tel./Viber/Watsapp: + 972-54-8140303. (See ad.)


Kuponofesh Website


The Kuponofsh website is a leading tourist website offering a variety of coupons, which was established to promote and develop tourism in Israel. The site was founded in 2004 and has since succeeded in branding itself as a site that successfully connects between virtual and rural spaces.

The site daily offers updated information, coupons and discounts, friendly search mechanisms, excellent recommendations and more.The site offers contemporary up to date information from A to Z  helping plan the perfect vacation in Israel. Kuponofesh is outstanding in providing browsers with information from the planning process, during and after their vacation.  The site offers contemporary up to date information from A to Z for any vacation. Site information ranges from accommodation (vacation rentals, hotels, kibbutz recreation, villas and camping sites), suggestions on attractions, and up to date information about restaurants and spa sites.(See cover and ad).


Eilat Bowling


Eilat's large and modern bowling alley is located in the industrial zone. A 12-lane bowling alley that meets professional standards and a professional snooker club for pool enthusiasts. Children can also enjoy an indoor playground and arcade.

 The complex is equipped with a bar and kitchen serving a variety of delicious dishes. (See ad and coupon).


Yusuf 's Tent


A large authentic Bedouin tent located on the southern shore opposite the coral reserve. Come and enjoy authentic Bedouin hospitality and traditional cuisine. Freshly baked pitta bread, cooked in a stone oven, labane sour cheese, hummus, tea, coffee etc. You can also enjoy smoking a hookah pipe with tobacco in a variety of flavors our just lounging and chilling out in the tent and enjoying the sea breeze. If you are visiting with children, they will love the camel rides. The tent is air conditioned and can hold events and birthdays for up to 100 people.

Sheikh Yusuf - Telephone: 050-5503826

Open daily from 09:00 a.m. to 01:00 a.m. (See ad)


The Booster


A new and unique adrenaline attraction in Israel, located on the roof of the RED Shopping Complex in Eilat. This ride rotates at a speed of 88 km / h and operates 3.2 G force. Prepare for an unforgettable extreme experience, promising to swing you between heaven and earth.


Art Gallery


The gallery, located next to the museum and fish sculptures, holds exhibitions that change from time to time of arts and crafts made by local artisans from Eilat and Eilot and artists from outside Eilat. Opening hours are the same as those of the museum. Where? The main intersection in Eilat (DerechHa'Arava  /DerechYotam). The gallery is run by the: Eilat Tourism Corporation.

Open: Monday - Thursday 10: 00-22: 00,  Friday and Holiday Eves 10: 00-14: 00, Saturdays and Holidays 12: 00-22: 00. Sundays the gallery is closed. Tel: 08-6340243.


Gallerita  - Kibbutz Yotvata Artists Gallery


Artists at Kibbutz Yotvata joined forces to establish a gallery in the kibbutz, in one of the old  kibbutz building's. Their works are displayed and sold in the gallery and include paintings, photographs, ceramic works, woven baskets, jewelry, etc.

The gallery is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10.00 to 12.00. Please book a visit in advance:

08-6340754, 054-9798004.


The Botanical Garden


If you love nature, do not miss a visit to the stunning Botanical Gardens. Beautiful well-kept  garden, built on biblical-style terraces, houses plants from around the world and also has a reconstructed stream, waterfalls, magical walking trails, seating areas and observation points. 



International Birding Center


Travel north on Highway 90 and just after  Kibbutz Eilot, turn east and drive to the Rabin terminal on the Jordanian border, turn southwest on a dirt road to the center's parking lot. It is open all day all year round. The best time to visit and see hundreds of migrating birds is between February to the end of May and September to December.

The park has an easy and accessible circular route. Along the trails there are shaded observation points  where you can observe the migrating birds who stop here to 'refuel' before continuing their journey.

The birds enjoy resting here in a natural habitat without human interference.  All you need to bring a pair of binoculars and refreshments.  How much does it cost?  It is free and also has disability access.

 Tel: 050-7671290


Sling Shot


"Fireball Sling Shot" a ball that lifts off into the skyline….with you inside! Located on the northern promenade, this flying steel ball reaches a height of approximately 70 m at a speed of 180 km.

Your friends will enjoy looking at you and hearing you scream via a camera that is installed inside the ball and screens the ride live, to a screen on the ground.


Ranch RZR's


Ready for some Extreme? Enjoy fun, self riding desert excursions with an ATV, Jeep, or RZR. Guided tours to Nahal Shlomo, Nahal Rechavam, Nahal Mitzrayim and the Yoash and Shlomo Mountains, with professional guides, suitable for families, work activities or simply as a romantic sunset evening activity.


Skate Park


Do you love skateboards? If you have always dreamed skateboarding around a professional skateboard rink or you regularly hang out in one you will not want to miss Eilat Skate Park, located in Central Park (next to Eilat museum).

 A professional, international standard rink with surround lighting,  professional and original jumps and stunt tracks.


WOW - Wow Vegas Show


An exciting journey to Las Vegas, a theatrical experience, combining breathtaking  acrobatics, flexibility and strength that arouse the imagination. The performance tells the tale of a young 30-year-old young man who arrives in Las Vegas for 48 hours of insanity. On his journey, he meets up with the heroes of American cultural, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Jackson who all add music, colour and thrills to his travels. Stage effects including 3D projection, holograms, innovative lighting and state of the art sound system all play their part in making the audience feel just as if they are in the heart of Las Vegas, the city of experiences beyond imagination. The performers astonish the audience with challenging stunts whilst demonstrating almost supernatural abilities, amazing acrobatics, juggling, strength and lots of humor. The entire show is a vibrant stage of dancing, rhythmic vibes and spectacular costumes, as to be expected in any snazzy international standard show. Come and see this amazing glittery performance at the Isrotel Royal Garden Theater.


Camel Ranch


The Camel Ranch is located 10 minutes south of Eilat. Here you can book a camel ride or enjoy riding in carriages pulled by Desert Donkeys, hold spectacular and exciting concept events, or enjoy a fun and challenging day at Israel's largest rope park! If you are one of those who like to hang between heaven and earth, to see the ground fading away from your sight, crawl and challenge yourself, Eilat Rope Park is definitely the place for you.

 In the heart of the Eilat Mountain Reserve at the Camel Ranch, you can visit and try out the professional rope park established according to European standards. Seven hundred meters of extreme trails at three levels of difficulty, catering for all. Swings, zip lines, climbing nets, suspension hurdles, bridges and more. A perfect pastime for groups and individuals who love action on super safe facilities with guided instruction. When you finish the track and if that has not "quenched your thirst" try out the 15 meter high bungee jump. ( If you are over  1.20 m tall and you weigh less than 120 kg).(See ad.)


Ha Miflat Hadromi Yacht


Invites you enjoy a variety of cruises with Captain Baku, which depart from the southern marina. Choose from our variety of boats, including self-driving boats, perfect for any occasion at any time promising a fun day with friends or family.(see ad. and coupon).


Museum "Eilat My City” and Eilat Artist's Gallery


The city's municipal museum shows the economical and tourism growth and the city's development as from the Ovda operation in 1949. The museum has three halls featuring artifacts, exhibits and films & self-viewing explanations in English, Russian Hebrew. Explanations for groups can be reserved in advance.  How much does it cost? Adults 10 Nis, Children (4-12 ) 5 Nis, soldiers  5 Nis, OAP's  5, disabled  5 Nis and  Eilat and Arava residents 5 Nis. There is disabled access.


Mystic - Lord Aristo de Silver


052-3255765  Medium of the Millennium and undoubtedly one of the world's renowned colorful mystics. Lord Aristo de Silver, specializes in marriage and business counseling, blessings, talismans and evil eye removal. The honorable Lord is a famous figure in Eilat and has a weekly column in Eilat's veteran 30 years local newspapers "Erev Erev" and "Ma Nishma". He is always happy to answer any questions and bless you free of charge! (See ad).Daily from 13:00. Not available on Saturday.


Watching the stars


"What's Up" star gazing tours suitable for both children and adults. Eitan Schwartz, a veteran astronomer will take you on a guided tour of the stars. The tours are in the evening and include short but fascinating explanations about the moon, Saturn and other stars. An hour and a half tour in the dark desert, to the observatory point on Mount Yehoram or Be'er Ora and observe the array of stars with the help of a laser beam and 200 mm computerized telescope.


Recreation Tours


Eilat is a place to enjoy lots of land action too! There are several local companies which will be happy to take you on exciting desert trips including rappelling, zip lines, archery, mountain climbing, cycling trips and almost everything else you can think of!  Numerous options to discover the desert from a different angle! Additionally you can enjoy ATV tours, jeep tours or razor self-driving cars. Trips to Wadi Shlomo, Wadi Rechavam, Wadi Mitzrayim,  Mt. Yoash and Mt. Shlomo are conducted with the help of professional guides and are suitable for families, groups or simply as a romantic evening at sunset. The journey itself is safe and enjoyable, providing adventure and breathtaking desert landscapes that surround Eilat. Driving is subject to a driving license.


Israel Yam Glass Bottom Boats


Israel Yam air-conditioned glass bottom boats offer an enjoyable and fascinating experience for all ages! See the fantastic underwater world of the Red Sea through the glass bottom of the boat. Renowned captain,  Israel Bernstein, is the owner and captain of two 20 meter long boats, each with 3 decks.

Take a two-hour cruise along the Gulf of Eilat, get a close up view of the neighboring town of Aqaba, pass by the Dolphin Reef and enjoy the coral reserve. The boats are equipped a tanning deck, dance floor, bar and more. (See ad and coupon).


Speed Boat


A variety of attractions and special offers not to be missed! Speed boat to the Dolphin Reef, chair and mattress inflatable rides.

 For reservations:  052-5347040 (see ad.)


Water Sports


Leisure and recreation options in Eilat are endless, if you like beach games, motor water sports, self-driving motor boats, pedal boats, windsurfing, surfing, snorkeling and diving, or just riding an inflatable banana or tube ride and paragliding there are a few available options.  We recommend Kissuski on north beach, (see ad and coupon), or 'Hashmal Al Ha'Gal' near the navy base, or 'Water Sports' on the southern Coral Beach near Bar Beach where you can also enjoy an excellent restaurant on the seashore!


Underwater Observatory Marine Park


On the southern coastline, you can visit the famous Underwater Observatory Marine Park. A huge complex with aquariums, turtle and manta ray pools, rare fish, an underwater tower located approximately 12 meters below the sea, in the heart of a real and abundant coral reef. From the tower's huge windows you can see marine life in its natural habitat and enjoy the wonders of the underwater world. The highlight here is the huge new shark pool, Shark Bay.

A 1000-square-meter complex with the largest shark pool in the Middle East, home to about 18 species of sharks . The complex has a transparent tunnel that  you can walk along and get a close view of the sharks, manta and sting rays. The complex also displays interactive screens with explanations and information for those interested. The observatory has a children's playground, a huge Oceanarium simulator with moving chairs, where you can watch see a fascinating marine film. The Amazon Cabin displays species of animals, straight from the Amazon River, or enjoy a trip in a yellow submarine. There are also fish and turtle feeding shows. (See ad).


Timna Park


Approximately 20 minutes’ drive north of Eilat, an ancient copper kingdom awaits you where you can visit the oldest copper mines in the world. Watch a multimedia exhibit showing you how copper was mined here in ancient times. In addition, the park you a variety of fun and challenging activities including cycling and hiking trails, filling bottles with colored sand, pedal boats on the lake (for a fee), a visit to an exact replica of the Holy Tabernacle (for a fee).

The Park offers a variety of accommodation options including rooms, Villa Camp" tents large shared tents and a camping site on the banks of the lake, where you can pitch your own tent.

 At night, Timna Park awakens to reveal its magical secrets in breathtaking lighten views. Lantern Tours are available and must be booked in advance. The hills and rock formations are lit with amazing lighting effects that intensify the experience of the tour. Illuminated silhouettes and figures from Egyptian mythology are projected onto the mountains and tell the story of the Egyptian gods and the Timna copper miners and their way of life.

During July and August there is no camping, bicycle or pedal boat rentals and opening hours are shorter - due to the hot weather. Opening hours: Sun-Thurs: 08:00-14:00, Fri-Sat, Holiday Eves: 08:00-13:00. During July & August the Park holds guided Sunset Lantern Tours every Tuesday & Thursday, by prearrangement.  (see ad and coupon.)  


Ice Mall and Babylon Game Arcade


The coolest place in Eilat you'll find is the Ice Mall. Here you can enjoy great coffee, with or without one of their scrumptious pastries, at the kosher branch of the Café Café chain and of course…..shopping!! Children will find plenty to do here as the complex offers a wide range of attractions and a professional skating rink. Do not forget it is quite cold here! You can rent professional skating boots at the entrance to the rink.Like we previously mentioned here you can find amusements for everyone – a huge igloo with climbing frames and slides for infants, Luna Park with assorted rides and Gymboree. Kids will also enjoy Babylon Games with a variety of arcade games. The entrance floor also offers a variety of games, simulators and D7 film capsule.


 Dolphin Reef


Watch dolphins in the wild. Spend an entire day at this well-kept and clean beach that offers sun umbrellas, nature films, swimming snorkeling and diving with dolphins, unique souvenirs, a photo center, children's art and craft center, restaurant, and water relaxation pools (no lifeguard).


Coral Beach Nature Reserve


Close encounters with reef dwellers. There is hardly a person who pops his head into the water at the Coral Beach Nature Reserve, who is not captivated by the wonderful underwater sights revealed. The Coral Reserve's coastline is neat and comfortable with shaded areas, snorkeling equipment rental, chairs, easy access to the sea and a wading lagoon for children.

Disabled accesses to bridges that lead into the water are also available.


Nature Reserve Hai-Bar Yotvata


A national reserve, which conserves and breeds Biblical animals.  The reserve has a predator center: darkroom (bats owls and scorpions that glow in the artificial moonlight).

The open area of Hai Bar can be discovered with private vehicles along with a disk guide that can be purchased at the price of 10 shekels in Hebrew, English, Russian and French. In this area you can look closely at the biblical herbivores.

On Saturdays there is a tour at 11:00 with a reserve ranger who feeds the animals.

The reserve also offers a sunset tour for groups that includes predator feeding - this activity needs to be reserved in advance.


Eilat Attractions


Eilat 's leading company, promoting and selling the largest range of holiday attractions and services in Eilat and the surrounding region. We are committed to offering all our customers service at the highest standards. Our vision and main goal is to provide exciting and top quality recreational activities for vacationers in Eilat and surroundings. The veteran company in Eilat with over two decades of successfully providing the widest variety of vacation activities for tourists. We offer free information in the comfort of your hotel.

Our attraction information desks are located in the hotels themselves and we work in full cooperation with the hotel staff to ensure all visitors receive all available information. Eilat Attractions is a 'One Stop Shop' where you can receive information, tips, book and purchase tickets for your chosen activity without having to leave your hotel.

We offer over 19 information and sales desks throughout the city, staffed by professional and courteous vacation consultants, saving your precious vacation time and ensuring you high standard and professional service. 




Which beaches are most suitable for children? Where are the best beach restaurants located? Where do you find the most romantic beaches? Where can enjoying water sports whilst shedding some of those extra pounds you have gained over the holiday? Discover Eilat's beaches!

Although Eilat is a seaside city, it only has 12km of coastline. Not much, but wise people once said that it is not the size that matters; but the beauty, atmosphere, services and standards that make the beaches of Eilat the city's number one attraction. That is without mentioning the hot temperatures, most of the year round and comfortable sea conditions that allows swimming throughout most of the year, yes, even in winter.


Best Beaches for Children


If you are looking for child friendly beaches, with easy water access, a sandy surface and without fear that the little ones might step on a sea urchin your best bet is to focus on Eilat's  north shore beaches (from Mall Ha'Yam Shopping Center, east towards Jordan) (see details below). These beaches are sandy, and you can enter the sea without having to worry about stepping on sea urchins or coral reefs. All of these beaches have showers. Along the  southern coastline, Dekel Beach (free entrance) and the Dolphin Reef (entails a fee)are great to visit with children. Here you can enjoy well-kept, clean beaches and beach services and also enjoy a free dolphin feeding show during feeding times.


Beaches for Observant Tourists


A few years ago, Eilat municipality established a beach for the religiously observant, on the outskirts of the northeastern coastline. Close to the Jordanian border, there are two main beaches completely separated, one for women and the other for men. The beaches are equipped with shower and toilet facilities and a rescue station. Even those who are not religious are invited to use these beaches providing men and women keep to the divided sides.  There are no food and beverage services on these beaches.  On Saturdays the beach  is open to all without separation (for more information on religious observant tourism in Eilat, search for the issue of the magazine "Shabbat in Eilat", distributed in all synagogues in hotels,  and throughout the city as well as in kosher restaurants).


Best Beaches for Water Sports


Looking for a sea fun and action? Do you prefer beaches where you can rent boats, paraglide, canoe or try out a variety of water sports? All these are available at Kissuski  Beach, next to Mall Ha'Yam shopping mall on the south coast, Hananya beach , near the  Leonardo Plaza hotel, Hashmal  Al Ha'Gal near the navy base, and assorted places to rent boats under the Royal Beach Hotel. The options are varied and fun is guaranteed. Please note that bathing is not recommended in these areas due to the boats departing and entering these areas. The best place to windsurfing, kitesurf of Sup paddle is next to  Mykonos beach near Orchid Reef Hotel, in the south.


Best Beaches to Dine On


Most of Eilat's beaches offer a kiosk or some form of dining. Some of the beaches have fantastic restaurants where you can sit back, relax and enjoy a great meal on the seashore. Bar Beach is located on the southern coast, offering a rich and tasty menu with anything from delicious breakfasts to meat and seafood! Further along the south coast, just aside the Orchid Reef Hotel is Mykonos Beach. This well-kept beach has sun beds and loungers, a selection of food and beverages, refreshing beers, alcohol, fresh fruits, tasty platters and snacks. Dolphin Reef Beach's restaurant serves a delicious menu and with assorted delicacies and shakes, and even a delectable Friday Dinner. Village Beach restaurant serves fresh, recommended and delicious food as does the Dekel Beach and 9 Beach who are all open from early morning until late .At Mika Beach you can enjoy a variety of oriental delicacies, served at the beach restaurant or even on the beach itself. The promenade offers a variety of restaurants and food options so you won't be hungry for long whilst taking a walk along the seashore!


Romantic Beaches


Romance is of course a matter of personal taste, and between us, it does not matter which of the beaches you choose to spend and evening on under the stars, with a blanket, a bottle of wine and picnic, all the beaches are romantic and enjoyable. Still, our choice of the most romantic beaches in Eilat are Bar Beach, where you can sit at the table on a wooden platform over the sea, enjoy good food and a relaxing and tranquil  atmosphere. Another great beach to enjoy in the evening is Tsion Beach, located in close proximity to Mall Ha'Yam. A particularly romantic and quiet beach to visit in the evening is 'Mifratz Ha'Shemesh', here there are no dining options, just you, the sandy beach, starry skies and the sound of the sea.


Beaches with Disabled Access


Rimonim Beach / Nine Beach - with accessible parking behind Pninat Eilat Center and a paved path that leads right up to the water's edge for those in wheelchairs. A dedicated  accessible chair for entering the sea, lifeguard station, accessible shower and toilet facilities (in the restaurant).

Moriah Beach - although there is no direct access for those with wheelchairs, neither from the beach nor from the promenade, it is still a beach with accessible parking near Eilat Bazaar. Entrance is via steps that lead to the promenade or via Maman Beach Restaurant. There are accessible toilet facilities near the bazaar and you can ask for an accessible floating chair to enter the water from the nearby lifeguard station.

Seagull Beach (Ha'Shchafim) – has a wide paved promenade that stretches from the parking lot to the beach. Entrance to the beach is from the Miami Beach restaurant (located between the Dan Hotel, and Herods Hotel). There is a paved accessible path that leads from the Dan Hotel to the water's edge and stretches another 5 meters into the sea. There are five disabled parking spaces between Herods and Dan. The beach is equipped with an accessible floating chair, and lifeguards who are always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. You can ask the lifeguards to lay a carpet along the stone path to the sea. There are accessible restrooms in the nearby in Miami Beach Restaurant, ask for a key from the restaurant staff.

‘Mifratz Ha'Shemesh' Camping Beach. This is not a beach for bathing, but has accessible parking close to the beach, accessible access via wide paths that lead to picnic tables and a barbecue grill located 5 meters from the beach. The beach itself is accessible with shaded seating and accessible tables, but no toilets at all.

The religious observant beach does not have access from the parking area to the beach front, no accessible toilet, no float chair and the distance from the parking to the water line is approximately 25 m on a sandy road.

Coral beach nature reserve, has disabled accessibility with bridges leading to water.

For more information: Facebook: Accessibility Israel - The Eilat and Arava region.  www.aisrael.org


List of beaches from south to north:


Princess Beach, Snuba Beach, Lighthouse (Ha'Migdalor) Beach, Maritime University Beach, Coral Reserve Beach, Bar Beach, Aqua Sport Beach, Mykonos Beach, Village Beach, Marina Beach, EAPC Beach, Dolphin Reef, Dekel Beach, Hashmal Al Ha'Gal Bech and Kissuski Beach.

List of beaches from west to east (from Mall Ha'Yam shopping mall to the Jordanian border):

Tsion Beach, Nine Beach, Rimonim Beach, Leonardo Plaza Beach, Maman Beach, Hanania Beach, Marina Beach, Hilton Beach, Nautical Marine Sailing Club Beach, Beach Boat Rental and Water Sports, Dan Hotel Beach, Herods Beach, 'Mifratz Ha'Shemesh Beach, Religious Observant Beach, Roxa and Ardeg, undeclared beaches, adjacent to the Jordanian border.


Lifeguard Stations


Eilat's northern coastline, which extends from Mall Ha'Yam to the Jordanian border, are where you will find most of Eilat's declared beaches.  Along the southern coastline, from the Mall of the Sea and south to the Egyptian border, the beaches are not declared and there are no rescue services.

Lifeguard stations 1 and 2 are located on the northwestern coastline, covering the area between 9 Beach to Hananya Beach.

Lifeguard station 3 is located on the northeastern coastal area, covering the area from the Dan Hotel to Herods Hotel.

Lifeguard station 4 is located near "Mifratz Ha'Shemesh and the religiously observant beach.

On each of the declared beaches the lifeguard stations are manned throughout the week from 9:00 to 16:00. On Friday between 9: 00-15: 30 and on Saturdays between 9:00 and 17:00. During winter the lifeguard stations are open until 16:00. The lifeguard stations offer  first-aid facilities. Only Lifeguard station 2 has aqualified paramedic.


Where Can You Camp?


Apart from Eilat Field School, there is no designated area for camping or caravans in Eilat, so camping is only permitted during the holiday season. (You can pitch your tent or caravan about a week or two before). Camping is permitted at Miftraz Ha'Shemesh beach before the boulders and At Snuba Beach on the southern coastline. Pitching tents and caravans is not permitted on Princess Beach. You can have barbecues  in areas where caravans and tents are permitted, however, campfires are prohibited .


Price Supervision


Eilat Municipality together with the Municipal Tourism Corporation and the Eilat Hotel Association launched a recommended pricelist for beaches that can be found in all the restaurants and businesses located along the sea shores.

 This pricelist presents tariffs for nine items and was composed in order to position Eilat as a leading and inexpensive tourist venue.

The prices are displayed on signs at the entrance to the beaches that offer them, you'll be glad to hear that most of the beaches in the city have adopted the recommended list price.

Small bottle of water -   5 NIS

Large bottle of water - 10 NIS

Soft Drink (300 ml) -     8 NIS

ICE Lollipop -               4 NIS

Draft Beer 1/2 -           24NIS

Draft Beer 1/3 -          18 NIS

Large French Fries -  20 NIS

Deck Chair -                6 NIS

Sun Bed -                  12 NIS


Keeping Eilat Beaches Clean


Throughout the year, Eilat maintains a high rating on the Ministry of Environmental Protection's Clean Coast Index. In addition to the cleaning, supervision and enforcement activities, the municipality encourages the public to discard cigarette butts in cardboard ashtray cones that hare distributed along the beaches.

The city's environmental unit patrols the beaches offering information and the municipal youth movement "Shomrei HaMifratz", performs litter clearance dives throughout the year.


On undeclared beaches, the municipality works to maintain beaches clean with pressure hoses and air blowers. Additionally the municipality has recently installed two additional containers for collecting barbecue charcoals at a beach adjacent to the religious beach and Ardag beach. These containers can also be found at the beach adjacent to the navy base and Mifratz Ha'Shemesh. The municipality also has plans two install additional containers on the southern beaches. The installation of seven water fountains has recently been completed at Mifratz Ha'Shemesh, 9 Beach, Avenue Beach,  Red Rock Beach, Mykonos Beach (next to the Reef Orchid Hotel) and Aqua Sport Beach. This installation completes the continuum along the regulated beaches with fountains, showers and shaded areas for vacationers' convenience. This operation joins a series of actions carried out by the municipality's Tourism and Enforcement Division, as part of the coastal maintenance plan. Herod's Beach, Miftraz Ha'Shenesh and Avenue Beach have recently been installed with a dressing room made from recycled materials and the showers have been installed with partitions.


These partitions help to reduce the amount of water splashing out of the shower during strong winds. Recently, 14 sunshades were installed on the northwest coast (Avenue Beach). The old sunshades were renovated and partially transferred to Royal Beach and to the beach adjacent to the navy base, where 13 sunshades have already been erected.

New sunshades were installed on the beach located north of Princess Beach. As part of the beach preservation program, the stonewall along the northern seashore has been completed to protect against southern storms that blow in the area during winter.

Additionally this program includes a protective wall, built to prevent drift on the accessible path that leads to the shore adjacent to Rescue Station No. 1, and six designated paths that lead to the waterfront have been upgraded for the convenience of bathers.

This is in addition to two additional paved paths on the northeastern coast  (Dan / Mifratz Ha'Shemesh).




Eilat is a diver's heaven with amazing reefs, thousands of species of fish and favorable climatic conditions, making the 'Red Sea' an ultimate diving experience. Eilat boasts the northernmost spectacular reef on the globe.


Take the Plunge !


Welcome to the Red Sea Gulf in Eilat, home to the northernmost spectacular reef on the planet! Certainly a good enough reason to make a visit to the southern city an unforgettably underwater adrenaline-soaked experience! There is definitely something wonderful about diving into the depths of the blue and meeting dozens of species of fish and marine life from close up! Choose from numerous diving clubs and schools that are scattered around the city; any one of them will be happy to offer you the pleasure of a guided introductory dive, with no need for a qualified diving license in order to get closely acquainted with the many fish and marine animals that live in the Gulf. What about diving courses?

Any one of the 17 local diving schools will be happy to teach you and present you with a qualified license. Already have a license?  Pop in to one of the diving clubs and rent all the gear you need to depart on an amazing underwater adventure. One of the most veteran diving clubs in Eilat is Marina Divers (see ad and coupon), located in proximity of Village Beach (5 km south of Eilat). Another recommended diving club is Palma diving resort (see ad and coupon) where you can enjoy a unique underwater attraction, a tiny submarine that allows you to experience diving without even getting wet even. Take a personal submarine, suitable for a single person and explore the depths of the Gulf with the help of a guide who will take you on an unforgettable 30-minute journey of pure enjoyment! The attraction is suitable for children and teens from the height of 1.30 m.

Another veteran and recommended diving club that has been open since 1977 Lucky Divers on the South Beach (near Mykonos Beach) (see ad and coupon), offering a variety of diving courses for all levels,  from inexperienced participants to advanced courses and even instructor courses. All clubs offer a shuttle service to and from the hotel at no extra charge.

Palamida Diving Centre is located at "Mosh Beach" and offers intro dives and a variety of diving courses (See ad and coupon).


Aquastar Diving Club is located opposite the Coral Reef, on Eilat's Coral Beach. (see ad and coupon). Enjoy a variety of diving activities, rent a transparent canoe or try out our personal "submarines" that are especially adapted for use by children with special needs.


Kfar Ha'Tsolelim – Divers Village


A veteran, family run diving village in a warm atmosphere. Located in front of the Coral Reserve on South Beach,  renowned for its many spectacular diving sites, all within walking distance. The University Site, the Tables, the Caves, the Columns, and more.


It is never too late to try!


The Gulf of Eilat is a popular venue that attracts not only veteran and qualified divers but also beginners. Diving clubs and schools  in the city offer diving courses at different levels, high standards of service and optimal  learning conditions, which makes taking a course in Eilat, a truly unique experience. Eilat diving clubs are ranked top in terms of safety, standards of training and quality of equipment. A PADI open water, one-star rank course is five days long. In this course, participants learn the principles of safe diving and after completing the course, receive a license that allows them to dive with diving buddies, without the need of an instructor present. Add another two days to the course means gaining more knowledge and receiving another star, allowing you to explore the underwater world to a depth of 30 meters. If you have no previous experience and are not interested in participating in a course but still want a closer glimpse into the underwater world, and intro dive is the perfect solution for you! An intro dives is done together with a dedicated and professional instructor and includes a brief explanation of breathing underwater. The instructor is like a kind of taxi driver for the diver, taking him around and showing him the sights underwater. The dive is short and pleasant, usually lasts  between half an hour to an hour and can be experienced from the age of 8.


Recommendations for Divers


Remember, we are only guests of the sea, therefore, we must always ensure to obey it's laws and respect it's permanent residents. If you feed either fish or dolphins, the chances are that you harm them. If you touch or step on the reef, you may destroy  significant portions of it that have taken centuries to grow. It is important to remember that removing and marine animals or corals from the sea is strictly forbidden and the beaches are constantly patrolled by Nature Reserve Inspectors who issue fines to violators.

To ensure you remember your diving experience, you can obtain a professional underwater camera that you can rent at any of the diving clubs, or purchase a disposable camera at a reasonable price at any photo shop in town. But please remember that the desire to take a perfect snap shot does not justify laying on coral, kicking up sand or causing any damage to the environment.

Snuba: Over 234,561 of those who have visited Eilat since 1990 have experienced their first dive, with the Snuba diving method. A unique method, for inexperienced divers, that was developed in the United States 30 years ago and has since been experienced by millions of people, worldwide. Snuba Diving Center is located on the South Beach (1 km from the Taba Border Crossing) opposite a spectacular reef, rich in fish and corals. Snuba Diving Center offers snorkeling equipment for rental, intro dives and diving courses.

Already a qualified diver? Rent all the diving equipment you need here. Snuba is a well maintained club with showers, toilets, locker rooms, a shaded seating area and a family atmosphere.


Recommended Diving Sites


In September 2010, the 'Sun Boat was sunk, and has become an underwater dive site and is aimed to help reduce the amount of divers in the southern coral reserve area. The ship was sunk to a depth of 15.8 meters and 281 meters from the northern coast (roughly opposite the Royal Beach Hotel), in the same location where the parts of the first artificial sea reef were placed 18 years ago and built from old drums, cranes and more.


Another artificial reef that justifies a visit is Tamar reef, located opposite Harush Beach, adjacent to the northern coral reserve. This reef is the result of a study by Dr. Nadav Shashar, who established a unique structure to examine the development of coral reefs, planted in the reef in 2007.


The University: Entrances via the adjacent Migdalor Beach and the maximum recommended depth is up to 15 m. This site is suitable for novice divers. The entrance is quiet rocky and  further north you can explore the university researchers' coral experiments. Please avoid touching or getting too close.


"Achi Sufa" Shipwreck: Located 30 m north of Village Beach. Maximum depth: 27 m Level: advanced open water divers. You can reach the shipwreck by diving directly from the beach, or swim to a float attached vertically to a rope, and dive deeper. This impressive missile ship was deliberately sunk to serve as an artificial reef where you can see lots of fish and divers too!


Japanese Gardens: These gardens can only be reached by boat, arranged by one of Eilat's diving clubs. Maximum depth: 30 m. Level: a deep dive suitable for experienced divers with at least an advanced open water certificate or a shallow dive suitable for novice divers. Here you can explore a wall covered in corals, fish and marine creatures. The wall reaches down to the depths.


Dolphin Reef: Entrance to the Dolphin Reef entails a fee. The maximum depth here for diving is 12

m. Level: novice. Here only guided dives are allowed.


The Mosquito: This shipwreck dive site can be accessed via Aqua Sport Beach. Maximum depth: 30 m. Level: At least advanced open water, (with experience). The entrance is covered in flat rocks paved with small groups of coral. In order to reach the shipwreck, divers must descend a steep slope. On the edge of the slope, you will come across a spectacular eel garden and individual corals surrounded by many species of fish. Tip: Calculate the amount of air and time to be spent on the site.

The Caves: Located straight in front of Snuba Beach and dive to a  depth of between 3 to 5 m. Level: Suitable for all levels. The entrance is rocky. 15 m north of the entrance, at a depth of 3 m, there is a chain of caves that have been created over the years by water currents. These caves are used as habitats for different species of fish. Tip: Most caves are deliberately blocked, so as to prevent entry, avoid trying to enter by force.


Paradise (Heaven): Entrance via the Village Beach. Maximum depth: 27m. Level: advanced open water.  Tip: It is recommended to use a compass, due to the flat seabed and the large open area.


The Canyons: Entrance is from the Dekel Beach. Maximum depth: 30 m. Level: Suitable for novice and advanced divers. During the dive you will reach two magnificent canyons. The sea entrance is rocky and starting at a depth of 3 m the seabed gently slopes and is sandy.  Starting at a depth of 15 m you can see a few groups of coral. At a depth of 25 meters you will come across an impressive canyon, with coral walls and sandy soil in its center. 


The Tables: Opposite Princess Beach, enter the water and dive parallel to the southern bridge. Maximum depth: recommended up to 30 m. Level: Easy.  A slope down to a depth of 30 m, partly covered by corals. In the deep water you can see an oval-shaped coral,  similar in form to a table, hence the name of the site.

Southern Tables: Located at a depth of 20-22 m, 5 min dive south of the Table Site. Tip: If you dive to the east, don’t forget to use your compass, the flat surface makes it difficult to recognize the way back to the beach.

Coral Beach Nature Reserve: The entrance gate to the reserve is opposite the Eilat Field School, or via Harush Beach Maximum depth: 3-30 m Level: Easy.  Note the buoys that mark easy access into the water, you can also enter via the bridges. You can enjoy a shallow  3 m near the reef, without passing the buoys that protect the reef.

Dive to 6 meters and see Moses' Rock , covered in many species of fish. At a depth of 8 m you can explore  Joshua's rock, larger that Moses' that is also home to an impressive variety of fish and marine creatures. At a depth of 10 meters there is a slope covered with a beautiful coral wall.




It's impossible to talk about Eilat, Israel's leading tourism resort, without mentioning the many restaurants, which are an important part of the city's entertainment culture ● No matter which taste or flavor you choose, all restaurants are designed, well-kept, air-conditioned,  and reserving a table in advance is recommended ● The restaurants are scattered throughout the city, from the tourist area and along the promenade,  down the south coast to charming quiet corners in the city itself ● Here are some of our recommendations  for you ● by the way the standard tip rate in Israel stands at 12%, 15% if you're really satisfied.





Mike's Place  08-8649550


Asian / Japanese


Ginger  08-6372517Giraffe  (gluten free)


HaSushia *9969

Isabella Sushi Bar  08-6223272 (kosher)

Japanika - Via the App.

Manga 08-6325255

Mika Happy Sushi  08-6337244

Sushi Mushi  08-6522255 (kosher)

Thai Corner  08-6374447 (kosher)

Thai Way Sushi 088555333

Tika Masala (Thai)  08-6336631

Togarashi  08-9333931




Mike's Place 08-8649550

Monkey's 08-6368888

Nina Bar 052-5351149

Paddy's  08-6370921; 08-6376237




9 Beach 1- 700- 50- 55- 95

50 Bar (Aqua Sport)  08-6334404 (extension 7)

Dekel Beach  08-6326026

Dolphin Reef  08-6300111

Hanania Beach  08-6316348

Kissuski Beach  08-6372088

Maman Beach 08-6371958

Mykonos Beach 050-9770200

Mosh Beach 052-7375566

Village Beach  08-6375410




Agadir  08-6333777/9

Barbis  08-6342404

Burgerim  08-6636338, 08-6694343  (kosher)

Burgers Bar  08-6323733 (kosher)

B.T. Burgers & Tortillas *8629

Captain Burger *2583


Coffee Houses


Alimi 08-6368442

Aroma BIG  08-6318445 (kosher)

Aroma Coral Beach  08-6371010

Aroma Ice Mall  08-9177111

Aroma  Neviot  Beach  08-6332026

Branja 050-4476667, 08-8649900

Café Café Dan Promenade 08-6339643

Café Café Ice Mall (kosher) 08-6525255

Café Café Mall Hayam (kosher) 08-6335151

Café Café Red Canyon (kosher) 08-6344790

Café Greg Big 08-8602142

Café Greg Ice Mall  050-6586533

Café Greg - Queen of Sheba Mall  050-4407999

Café Neto - 08-6340278

Cofix Ha'Tmarim Blvd .053-8881718

Cofix Spiral Building - Take Away \ Sit In  only ( no phone)

Chocola (kosher) 08-6372555

Crema Express 08-6318457

Focaccia 08-9414153

Ha'Oman 9  052-4439999

Shibolim  Shahamon  08-6337879

UggaChaga (kosher) 08-6373463




Le Boulevard 08-6386699

News Café 08-6349999

Optimi 08-6376510


Fish & Seafood


Bar Beach 08-6496771

Baruch Ha'Dayag 08-6375331

Dagim Ba'Yam 08-6406050 (Mykonos Beach)

Fish Market 08-6379830

Ha Mifratz  08-6374545

Hof Maman 08-6371958

Les Sardines  08-6767488

Paddy's  08-6370921; 08-6376237

Pago Pago  08-6376660

Pina Ba'Yam 08-9224111

Pitagoras 08-6223342

Rak Dagim  08-6337450

The Last Refuge  08-6372437




Colonia Gourmet Restaurant 08-9334993

Eddie's Hideaway 08-6371137

Fifth Avenue 08-6333303

Karibu 08-6306780

Ha'Mivshala Brewery 054-6333903, 08-9350550

La Rue 08-9920850

Olla  08-6325566 (kosher)

Shato 050-8086990

Tamarind 08-6380000

Whale (leviatan) 08-9209393

Homemade Food (Israeli)

Asli 08-6317777

Birkat Hamazon 08-6817779

Capot Tmarim 08-6358760, 08-6358789

Ha'Mitbachon Shel Amos 08-6318881

Ha' Shnitzeliya 08-6344474

Ha'Ta'am Shel Koby (Glatt kosher) 08-6377468

Hummus Sof 077-4509080

Jacknis  (kosher) 08-6376534

Lalo (kosher) 08-6330578

Shiraz 08-6344499




Achla 08-6342555 (kosher)

Ashcara 08-6587444 (kosher)

Ha'Israeli 08-6386666 (kosher)

Ha'Lev Ha'Rachav Steak House 08-9205040 (kosher)

Panchitto 08-6336688

Shipudei Eilat 08-6332211

Tarshish 9  08-6338081 (kosher)




Angelica 08-6363439 (kosher)

Il Pentolino 08-6343430 (kosher)

Italica 053-3337536

La Cuccina 08-6368932

Pastory 08-6345111

Pastot 08-9435654




Almogim 68  052-5047323

Ashkara  08-6587444

Casa do Brasil  08-6323032

El Gaucho (gluten free) 08-6331549

Entrecote Express 1-700-508-989 (kosher) IcePark

Entrecote (kosher) 08-6672778 Industrial Zone

Ha'Parsi (Persian) 08-6311101

Ha' Shamen 08-6344736; 054-2633353

Ha’Tripolitait 052-5047323

Little Brazil (gluten free) 08-6372018

Olla  08-6325566 (kosher)

Pedro 08-6379504

Shipudei Eilat 08-6332211

Ranch House 08-6368989 (kosher)

Shipudei Tzipora 08-6378228 (kosher)

Shwarma Itzik 08-6323231

Shwarma Pilpel  052-2678452

Steak Ba'Pitta 08-6373397




The Mexican 1-700-50-50-33

Sombrero 08-9900093




Ivgi 08-8582323

Pitzuchei Ophir  08-6371782




Barry's Pizza Express Bar 052-4370639

Big Apple Pizza HaTmarim Blvd. 08-6340423

Pizza Hut 1-700-50-60-70

Pizzaliano 08-6341666; 08-6341555

Pizza Bandito 08-8620669


Pizza (Kosher)


Best Pizza   08-6379610

Big Apple Pizza Ice Mall 08-6466500

Domino's Pizza 1-700-70-70-70

Pizza Agvania 08-9327747

Pizza Del Pierro 08-6347555

Pizza Hut  1-700-50-60-70

Pizza Kimat Chinam 08-9398883

Pizza Lek 08-6341330

Pizza Meter 08-6344122

Pizza Ninio 08-6262155

Pizza Prego 08-8530044

Pizza Shemesh 08-6337090

Pizza Tonino 08-6332071

Potatoes Pizza 08-6317834




Dolphin Baguette - Red Canyon Centre

 053-9366524;  08-6375440

Dolphin Baguette - Tourist Centre  08-6373270

Johnny Crispy 08-9455655

Omar's 08-6521646

Yemenite Food - Jachnun

Galabis  08-8600027

Hanny's Jachnun 08-6376741

Hasod Shel Shoshana  08-6334069


Shopping Frenzy


Shopping in Eilat is an integral part of the city's entertainment along with the sea, attractions, nightlife and restaurants. Eilat has a variety of air-conditioned and open air shopping malls selling brand names at cheap prices due to the fact that Eilat is the only free trade zone city in Israel. Many products, especially clothing, footwear cosmetics and jewelry are VAT free (17%). National chains regulate the VAT free benefit and if you are not sure about a certain product, ask the stores, they are well aware of the list of products that are exempt and which are not.


Storming the Promenade


Eilat has over 180 thousand square meters of trade, that's a lot of stores and much more than the national average; therefore guaranteeing you an infinite number of options and lots of walking between the new and veteran shopping centre. Start your shopping spree at the city's Mecca of shopping, Mall Ha-yam, centrally located and on the shores of the Red Sea, and  classed as one of Israel's leading shopping centers. Mall HaYam is air-conditioned and has three floors of shops that include 80 VAT free stores, among them branches of leading chain stores selling leading fashion brands, SuperPharm pharmacy, cosmetics and perfumes, cellular and electronics, footwear, restaurants and cafes.

The mall has recently upgraded and extended several leading brand shops and now boasts a huge new Zara store for men, women and children. Here you also can find the exclusive clocks and jewellery’s store Chaplin. Urbanica, Mango, Foot Locker, Aldo and Mac too. Among the gadget stores, you will find Samsung, I Digital and Bug. The dining area has also been thoroughly renovated and offers a huge balcony overlooking the sea. Here you can indulge in gourmet pizzas and Italian cuisine alongside an express version of Ha'Lev Ha'Rachav meat restaurant.  

As you leave Mall Hayam, the meeting point between the southern and eastern coast (opposite the airport), across the street to the west, you'll come across the old tourist centre. This is Eilat's main centre of nightlife and bars that recently went under extensive renovations. Across the road, is Central Park which stretches right across to the impressive Magistrate's Court building. Here you can see the impressive water fountain that displays spectacular water shows like those found in many major capital cities across the world and the adjacent skateboarding park. Club Hotel is located on the southern side of the tourist center and has a row of shops at the front.


Every Tuesday you can enjoy a night market, held in proximity of the musical fountain between 19:00 – 21:00.

 If you continue east, on the tourists promenade the first centre you'll come across is Pninat Eilat (Pearl of Eilat) centre. A magical corner - opposite the bay, with an ice cream parlor, coffee shops and a supermarket.

From this point  you can enjoy walking on the "Dan Rimonim Eilat" promenade, where there are spacious and air-conditioned shops, like ‘Story’’,  fashion and style life chain store. Before the bridge, you will notice on the beach, a spiral-shaped building, thus the name - Spiral. The roof of the building is home to a few attractions and the Fireball Sling Shot is close by. Between Pninat Eilat and the Spiral building, on the row of shops under the Leonardo Plaza hotel,  pay a visit to "Optic Center” (see coupon and ad). Ahava" Dead Sea product store (see coupon and ad) is located just opposite the Spiral building (see coupon and ad).

Opposite is the new Eilat Bazaar that has 40 stalls all selling favorite items and knick- knacks in an orderly fashion. If you turn north to the heart of the hotel area, at the foot of Hotels Leonardo Plaza, Caesar & Dan Panorama, you will find two new shopping centers housing thousands of square meters of fashion and footwear from leading brands and even toys and cosmetics. . 

After you cross the bridge, you will reach the Queen of Sheba mall, covering an area of about 4,000 square meters the mall is fully air-conditioned and includes a series of spacious stores of clothes, shoes, jewelry and even toys.

Continuing east along the promenade you will pass the Royal Beach promenade that leads to the Dan hotel. This promenade also offers a variety of shops and cafes. Toward the end of the promenade, you will reach the Herods hotel and Cardo a beautiful shopping complex.

Immediately at the end of the row of shops under the Queen of Sheba (and before the Royal Beach), there is a path that winds to the left between the two hotels, which leads to the Royal Garden hotel and La Boulevard. An indoor air conditioned shopping arcade with a charming Parisian atmosphere offering plenty of shopping treats, like the Rolex Show  watches chain (see add.)  Also quality coffee house where you can relax from the day to day hustle and bustle.  The Royal Garden is also home to the Isrotel Theater that shows a nightly performance WOW 15, not to be missed! "An exciting journey to Las Vegas" a theatrical experience that evokes the imagination with acrobatics, vibrant music, dazzling dances and spectacular costumes.(See ad.)

If you choose to turn left immediately after crossing the Marina Bridge you will reach the King Solomon's Wharf – full of shops a pub and coffee shops - all the shops have a magnificent view of the marina.

Adjacently, the RED shopping centre offers a drugstore, supermarket, fashion and accessories, toys & kosher restaurants and the impressive Booster attraction that takes you on a swirling ride into the skies. Moving on from here north east between the hotels Americana and Astral, is the impressive Ice Mall. From the Red Center, you can cross past the Americana and Astral hotels, heading northeast, towards the Ice Mall. A round and impressive two floor structure with the longest avenue of luxury shops in Israel. On the second floor you can purchase a NEATO, the world's most advanced robot vacuum cleaner. There are also restaurants, cafes and an Olympic ice skating rink.


Eilat's Power Center


At the exit or the entrance to the city, depending on which direction you are going, you'll come across the BIG Power Center one of 17 centers that belongs to the BIG shopping centers chain. Easily spotted from road 90 that enters the city, access is simple and convenient.  This open air center, consists of two complexes, located in the old industrial area of the city, offers a rich mix of stores, including national chains. The key word here is size. Large retail shops alongside free spacious parking. You will find off licenses, shoe stores, glasses, computers, lingerie and toys (Kfar Hashashouim – see ad and coupon), Rikoshet (camping equipment), household equipment and electrical appliances (Traklin Hashmal) (see ad), Castro, Fox, Jump, Onot, Tamnun, Golf Kitan, American Eagle Pull and Bear and Nike. The complex also has an indoor cafe and a branch of Super Pharm that is also open on weekends.

Selection Fashion Warehouse is located in the Industrial Zone at the entrance to the city. Find us on Waze - Selection Eilat.


 Venture the City


It is impossible to visit Eilat without a visit to the city itself. On the main street of Eilat – Ha'Tmarim Boulevard, you'll come across the old Shalom Center which has a branch of the Discount Bank. and also an emergency medical services branch of Sha-Rap. Adjacently located to the Shalom Center (to the west), is the Red Canyon Center with its conical roof. This is the main business area of the city. The central post office is situated north of the Red Canyon Center and there is also a large supermarket and toy store "Idan 2000" , conveniently located in the vicinity.

Every Thursday from 9:00 to 15:00 on HaTmarim Blvd you can visit "Hasdera" open air market with dozens of stalls, food, art, good music performances and a wonderful atmosphere.

Further north, is the city's Forum Center where a vast majority of municipal offices and front row of shops are located. At the Hofit Center located on the opposite side of Ha'Tmarim Boulevard you will find the children’s shop Rav-Kat (see ad and coupon ) . Just after re the Rechter and Tzion centers, named after the architect who designed it – Zeev Rechter. This is the first center that was built in Eilat, with a row of shops and courtyard. Here are two pharmacies (Michlin and Super-Pharm), and most of the foreign currency exchange services in the city and bank branches, including  ATMs.

Continuing along the boulevard is the Central Bus Station - Egged that also is home to a number of fashion and clothing stores.

Further along and after the roundabout on the left is the Philip Murray House local cultural centre. This architectural gem, designed by architect Aba Elhanani, has been the culture home of Eilat since 1956.

Behind the impressive city library is located that was designed by architect Zvi Toren. Moving on to the left is Midian street, where the old Hochman Centre is located. Here lay the offices of the Israel's first local newspaper "Erev Erev be Eilat" (”every evening at Eilat”), first published since 1962, a row of shops including Medifoot Eilat (see ad.) which specializes in quality shoes, and insoles for a wide range of clients such as doctors, athletes an more.

“Galgalim" battery powered fold down 3 and 4 wheel scooters a large selection of top manufacturer ATV's and electric bikes suitable from the age of 3 (see ad.)

Nearly you can find, HaMashbir Department Store (see ad.), adjacent to the Egged Central Bus Station. Further along to the west is Razin roundabout and the old Razin Center. Left at the roundabout is Eilot St. where additionally two of the oldest centers are adjacently located: Evrona (where Zavit Re-e-ya optics is, see ad.) and Rasco center. If you choose to turn west at the Razin roundabout you'll come across the equally old Solel Bone.




The heart of Eilat's nightlife scene is located in the old tourist centre which just had a total facelift. Here you'll find small bars with an intimate atmosphere that playing a variety of music ranging from Hebrew to catchy pop and hip-hop to rock and roll.

The centre also offers trendy dance bars that nightly populate hundreds of partiers. This is also the ultimate "munches" zone for partiers that like to grab a quick bite or just a cheap alcoholic drink on the bar. Some of the pubs hold events with live performances by local and Israeli bands that do cover gigs of favorite songs and hits, follow them on Facebook to find out more.

"Red" another entertainment complex is located alongside the Marina on north beach promenade towards the King Solomon hotel. Here too you will find assorted pubs and restaurants that are located along the promenade.


BEACHES also are a source of attraction in the evening. Many of them offer bars and cozy sofas where you can sit back, relax with a drink and enjoy the sea air. Slightly more bourgeois entertainment venues are of course found in the big hotels, from great pubs to luxurious lobby's and clubs that cater for hotel guests. Some clubs also offer entrance to "outside" guests and sometimes at an additional fee.

Prefer to spend a more quiet evening?

Eilat Cinema invites you to watch all the latest movies. The cinema is located in the Red Canyon center on Ha'Tmarim Boulevard just across from the airport.

For more information call: 08-6373177,or the box office: 08-6373176. To view movie trailers visit: www.ereverev.co.il


And remember...


In accordance with the law, all shops and kiosks are prohibited in selling alcohol after 23:00 and this is strictly enforced. Also entertainment venues have strict drinking age restrictions (18), so if you look young, don't forget to carry an identity card with you.

חדשות אילת - ערב ערב באילת  

בשליחת תגובה אני מסכים/ה לתנאי השימוש